Behind the Logo


When was the I Love New York logo created and why? As it turns out, we have public relation to thank for one of the most popular tourist logos in the world. In the 1970s, New York City was struggling with a bad public image. The city was riddled with crime and they were on the verge of bankruptcy. The public opinion, in general, thought NYC was dirty and dangerous.

What NYC needed was a new reputation.

What did PR do?

A department in the city hired an agency to create positive publicity for the city. What they came up with was a campaign called “I love New York” and it was targeted to the whole state. Originally, there was no logo. The campaign had a song and was televised and broadcast on the radio. Eventually, an employee drew up a logo while he was in the back of a cab which became the logo we know and love today.

I love NY

Sometimes in public relations, we need to find the opportunities different situations bring us. The PR firm hired to help New York with its public image did just that. They were able to market the city in a new way which helped improve the public image. Now, the logo is licensed for multi-millions.

Another way the city seized an opportunity was after the 9/11 attacks. The logo was updated to say, “I love New York more than ever.” It was a positive way to b

ring light to a horrible event.



The PR firm who created the campaign only expected it to last a few months but was surprised when people grabbed on to it and turned it into something bigger than it was supposed to be. I think this is the goal for most PR companies and their campaigns. They want the public to embrace the campaign and make it their own to benefit the company and increase public image and relationships with the consumer. I also think the campaign was successful because the firm took all the right steps to get the information to the public. They broadcast it on television and radio and eventually they created a logo. The logo could be compared to hashtags or taglines in more modern PR campaign

The “I love New York” campaign is an incredible example of successful public relations.



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